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O’Neal Investigations, Inc. is the preferred provider for Private Investigations or PI and detective work for attorneys, divorce or child custody cases, and business investigations in Jacksonville, FL 

Mr. Keith O’Neal, President & CEO of O’Neal Investigations, Inc. offers more than 35 years of distinguished career experience with Law Enforcement conducting thousands of investigations including those with numerous local, State, and Federal agencies (FBI, ATF, Secret Service). He has established positive working relationships with clients throughout Florida especially with prosecutors and defense attorneys. Recently retired and at the urging of many attorneys he has worked with for decades, he continues helping people through O’Neal Investigations especially in Northeast Florida communities as a much sought-after and affordable Private Investigator.

Clients include, for instance:

  • Attorneys
    Primarily in the Fourth and Seventh Circuit Courts of Florida and the three Federal Judicial Districts of Florida
  • Public-at-large 
    Including divorce and child custody cases
  • Small Businesses & Corporations 
    Including insurance companies and organizations

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