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Private Investigator Keith O’Neal, O’Neal Investigations, Inc., offers criminal investigations, child custody, and spouse surveillance in Northeast Florida including Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 

During much of Mr. O’Neal’s long-standing career, he was in a supervisory role teaching and leading investigations. As a seasoned Law Enforcement professional, he was also a Certified Instructor at Florida State College of Jacksonville where he taught police officers de-escalation and intervention of parent-child violent situations involving mental illness or drug abuse. Mr. O’Neal now serves as an Adjunct Instructor at Florida State College of Jacksonville where he teaches the Private Investigation I and II courses. Mr. O’Neal also specializes in working on criminal investigations, child custody, and spouse surveillance. 

Understanding the importance of accurate documentation and the review of complex evidence in each case, he:

  • Offers skilled and expert opinions and has testified in thousands of pre-trials, depositions, and courtroom procedures
  • Takes pride in the strong relationships he has built over time and works hard to ensure every client’s goals are met

As you vet a professional PI to work with you or your family, seriously consider Mr. O’Neal’s extensive experience as a distinct advantage especially in the courtroom. We specialize in gathering evidence to be used in court cases and helping parents in child custody cases and violent situations needing immediate intervention.

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Keith has been a part of every presentation I have ever given (which has been numerous).
Criminal Law (Northeast Florida)

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